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  • IGBCE Berlin Brandenburg
  • Vorwerk-Thermomix Stiftung & Co. KG
  • Sorena Group
  • Oberbergkliniken – Berlin, Brandenburg
  • Peter Janssen Group
  • Holmes Place, Berlin
  • Dorsofit, Centre for physiotherapy
  • Aspira Berlin GmbH
  • Tannenhof Berlin Brandenburg

Statements of participants

»I thank you from my deepest heart for the excellent leading of this course. You felt the group dynamics, gave us kind and warmhearted advice, encountered us with great appreciation and brought us to a flow with your sunny and inspiring charisma. Thank you!«
Katja L. – educationist

»I have to communicate all day long, I don’t feel like talking about myself. But when I face Barbara, words tumble out of me and I become self-aware. She listens, lets the words deploy their meaning In the room, then shows quick, analytical intuition and knowledge of human nature, gives me pragmatic advice and suddenly I grasp another little piece of the big picture«
Florian G. – director

»In her sensitive and precise way, Barbara helped me see the labyrinth inside my head from above and showed me the way to new horizons. Change and development need new patterns of thought, which are there but locked up. Barbara’s coaching helps the mind create new patterns of thought and teaches the heart to fly. A process from the inside to the outside without taking influence, that is what true coaching is about. Life is too short for ›if‹ and ›but‹! Thank you, dear Barbara.«
Franziska H. – sports therapist, yoga teacher

»Coaching (training) with Barbara Majowski was a positive surprise for me. The word coaching had a totally new meaning. It is not about a given path, which is supposed to be the only right one, but much more about self-recognition of the direction in which one needs to go, but had not yet realized. Through our conversations, Barbara Majowski knew how to awaken and bring out the life plan or life path, slumbering deep inside, so that I could see it clearly in front of me. Last summer took a positive turn thanks to Barbara. Our conversations were witty, funny and beneficial. Barbara, I thank you!«
Irene H. – actress

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