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Qigong Combinations

Qigong means »training with life energy« and is part of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is a holistic teaching, easy to practice and to combine with other aspects. Qigong belongs to the higher science of respectful attentiveness.

Qigong Combinations

Optimize your athletic performance with more body awareness. Each motion sequence is optimized for a better and more effective performance. In addition, mental condition is strengthened so that motivation and physical performance may grow further.

Qigong and coaching in business

Business life is often full of pressure, stress and high expectations accompanied by lack of concentration and exhaustion syndromes. These may lead to illness, burn-out or depression. We must now support our body and soul by slowing down, health prevention, communication training and management by motivation.

Qigong and Coaching enrich your business by:

  • Reducing your stress level
  • Enhancing your concentration and performance level
  • Health prevention
  • Development of individual health management

Qigong incentive – corporate

Your conference may be enriched by physical and mental breaks: variety and change through physical exercise and meditation, awareness exercises or nurturing Five-Elements-Food.

Qigong and resilience

»The discovery of the power of self-healing«
Strengthening of body and soul against stress and illness.

It comprises gentle movement exercises which regulate and strengthen the functions of body, soul and mind. They enhance the power of concentration and awareness and effectuate an attitude of inner calm and deep relaxation. The awareness of the body increases, the breathing finds its own rhythm and the Qi, the individual vital force, can unfold. Qigong serves the preservation of health, the activation of self-healing powers and the prevention of illness

Qigong and coaching

A wonderful, very effective combination of body therapy, mental training and autonomous life development. In moments when everything is just too much and we seem at the end of a one-way road or in a treadmill: Dissatisfaction, exhaustion, sleeping disorders turn up. This is the right moment to choose a new path. Certain body exercises and mental coaching can help us find the right way. With more vitality, optimism and pleasure in new challenges you will find a new path.

Qigong and meditation

»The discovery of inner sources of energy«
You will learn to get on your way, find your own centre and activate self-healing powers, strengthen your consciousness and achieve clarity for your very own personal goals.

Qigong and nutrition

»The discovery of energizing food«
TCM – Traditional Chinese medicine comprises nutrition according to the teaching of the Five Elements, which may be implemented any time and anywhere. I offer a two-day workshop which gives you insight in easy Qigong exercises and nutrition according to the Five Elements teaching.

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