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Service in corporations

  • Team development
  • Better communication/conflict management
  • Self-/awareness of others
  • Better cooperation

Individual service

  • Coaching for entrepreneurs
  • Coaching for private persons Coping with stress, activation of work/life balance

What a coach can accomplish is best seen in sports

The coach is in good contact with her team. She encourages and motivates her players and gives them clear instructions and feedback. She recognizes strengths and encourages the potential, the good features. Each and every team has its potential. The goal is to achieve the best result in order to win the game. Within competitive sports the coach is irreplaceable. Without her, there is no top performance.

Coaching takes up more and more space in our »normal« lives: managers, executives, business people, people who wish to change or want to implement their ideas, who must take new paths – all of them make use of coaching. We often are stressed, lack time, are masters of multitasking and have access to all sorts of information. Many of us have brought the contact to the outer world to perfection, but have lost contact to their inner self and their life compass.

My way of coaching is oriented towards the future, brings the best of you into the light and consists of a combination of mental and physical training. You will become curious again, lively, relaxed and fit for new goals. When we have a deep perception of ourselves, we develop awareness of all major things in life.

Benefit of this possibility to define and reach your goals with clear thinking and a healthy body:

  • Always keep track and focus on your goal
  • Reach long-time results with little expenditure of time
  • Find your own strength and potential, activate and develop them
  • Develop vital energy
  • Reach healthy body awareness
  • Enjoy life with more ease
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